Oregon Sasquatch Study

but who's studying who?

                        THE LONDON TRACKS


Toby Johnson approximate time line for The London Track-way

Wed. 15th February 2012

5 p.m. – Phone call was placed to me on my cell by my ex-wife while at work. She notified me that once again my promotional stickers for The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium adhered to the car I sold her have brought yet another Sasquatch story her way. She went on to relay to me a gentleman that knocked on her door one afternoon and introduced himself as Max Roy of Eugene, Oregon. After a few social niceties about him and my ex-wife’s connection to the vehicle she bought from me, Max asked if the original car owner, me, would be available to look over a 5 toed track he had a photo of. My ex-wife then said she would pass the info along and would take Max’s phone number for my sake.

5:30 p.m.- I called my Max Roy after getting his phone # from ex-wife and told him I was at work and did not have long to talk. He seemed very matter of fact about and plain spoken about what he had encountered. Max went on to describe how on Feb. 12th, 2012 he was on a evening walk around the town of London, Oregon. As he was coming around the western side of the lake near the well known boat ramp he met a man who described in his early 40’s who wearing cowboy hat was and walking a dog he named Simka. Max then said after some initial small talk with the man, he then was asked by him how much farther he was walking Max described his direction he was hoping to head on a paved logging road. The man then said to Max that up that way are Bigfoot prints. Max was inquisitive enough to want to see for himself and parted ways with the man in that specific direction. Max described it to be an hour of the day that was losing Sun light and when he arrived at the spot where the Bigfoot prints where suppose to be, even in the low light, he saw them very easily. He described to me over the phone how freshly laid these tracks looked and saw what seemed to be a very impressive proof of Bigfoot activity nearby. He went on to say, that after he noticed 3 tracks in total he got a little scared about how far he was from his car and hurried quick looking behind his shoulder.

Max then went home and did not take a photo or measurement until Monday the 13th at the urging of a friend of his. Max then went back to the spot where the 3 tracks where found and took the photo below.


Max then shared the photo with my ex-wife that same day and now he would like to send it as an image file with a cell text. I told him great and that I would look for it. I then saw the picture on my cell phone and called him right back. I mentioned to Max that these indeed where curious prints and that I get off work within an hour and would love to go to the spot tonight if at all possible. He told me how to get to the spot and that I should have no problem seeing it even in the night.

5:45 p.m.- I called my friend who wants to be known only as “Tracker” and explained the circumstances of my phone call. Tracker is a local to the area and knows landscape and people more so then me. I asked if he could be ready to go find these prints by 8:00 and he assured me he could.

6:30 p.m.- Left work and headed home to grab a some supplies I thought I might need for an extended stay in an unknown area outdoors all night. I also needed to go to the store and headed to Home Depot across town to by some 20 min. setting plaster.

7:15 p.m.- Bought 2 bags of plaster and hurried to car

8:00 p.m.- Arrived at meeting spot in Cottage Grove, Oregon to share a commute with Tracker into location. Tracker and I then both spoke with Max over the phone in the parking lot of Wal-Mart about where to head to in order to find location quickly.

8:30 p.m. We headed up to Williams Creek exit and parked the car and walked across London rd. as described by Max. As we got out of car we brought our camera and video equipment with us. I asked Tracker if he would mind taking a video of us as we walked into the area. Tracker held camera as I scoured the top of a ridge-line above a Lake bed. As I looked over the muddy trail that headed out over the ridge I then saw the print Max had sent me over the phone. After making sure we had found the correct 1st print we then found print 2 and 3 right behind it. We decided to capture everything on video the best we could before casting.

9:30 p.m. I called friend Cliff Barackman out of Portland about the track find and asked for his help on all I should do to make sure I collected the right measurements and documented the scene. As I was talking to Cliff about the events that lead us there and the details of the night, I was told by Tracker not to move. Tracker said,” Toby look between your legs man”. As I looked down, still on my call to Cliff, to my surprise was a well defined 5 toed bare foot track. I then hung up the phone and started to scour the rest of the bluff for additional tracks that went un-discoverd by Max. Now we had 4 prints in total.


Throughout the night we casted the 4 prints and observed the general area. Since neither I nor Tracker had ever casted a supposed Sasquatch track, we were especially careful and cautious about the process. I tried on and off all night and early morning to reach Cliff for additional casting advice over the phone, but it went through to voicemail and it was up to me to make the call about when to lift out the 4 plaster cast.

Thursday Feb. 16th 2012

4:45-7:00 a.m.-We lifted out plaster cast, excluding one. The one we left was the 4th one Tracker found. It seemed to be way to wet and was cracking as we tried to lift it. After we removed track 1,2,3, we camouflaged the 4th one with branches. After we put the last branch over the print, I think it was a Grand Fir branch; we did so with needles facing down in a weaving fashion. In addition before we did that, we covered the plaster cast with a garbage bag we found under a tree to protect it in case it rained. Tracker and I headed home to catch up on a little bit of sleep before we had to both be at work.

8:30 a.m. – As I headed into work I noticed I was near a Chris Minnear’s place of work in Eugene. I had to be to work by 9:00 a.m. and thought I had time to stop by and mentioned what all was going on. As I showed him the photos I had taken that night of the track-way, he seemed curious about the area and his recent sighting of Sasquatch within the area. Chris mentioned he might try and clear his calendar and make it out to the area after 5 p.m. when he got off work. I told him I would talk to him later and if he had any questions to call me.

9:00-11:30 a.m. – I had to work

11:30- Found a way to get back out to the area which was about 25 min. place of employment. Once I arrived on scene I looked out at the area we had dug up the plaster molds. I then went to the track we had left, track #4 and saw that the area looked pretty much as we had left it, only the branches we had left, green side up, had now all been turned over white side up. No idea who or what had done that. I then looked out over the dry lake bed and walked out just a bit. I noticed an area of interest a bit out from me, but it was then I hear Tracker and his helper arrive in their loud pick-up truck. I mentioned the area out off the lake bed and then went back to plaster cast he came for. The weather was consistently overcast during this time, but no rain. I told Tracker that he should be very careful with the plaster print and he agreed that it was a good idea, but he had some help there with him to cart it off. I also mentioned how key the lake bed was for following up on possible other similar tracks. He agreed and I left for my next shift.

1:00 p.m. I was called by Tracker that he had found an approx.# of 160 other 5 toed footprints on the dry lake bed. In talking to him over the phone the #160 footprints was in the end a count way to high, and I am unsure how that number ever got that high. None the less, he had found 118 footprints leading out from the ridgeline horizontal to the lake, going north and then heading back up to the bluff where we had found the tracks the night before. There was no description or photo of the tracks given to me over the phone, only my trust in Trackers ability to distinguish its significance. I immediately called Chris Minnear and let him know about the news and told him I will need his help along with others in getting better plaster for a more extensive job that for sure would go all through the night. Between Chris and I we had at least six people that could come all through the evening to help cast the footprints. The weather was still good, but because it winter in Oregon we never knew just when the good streak of no rain would end. Everyone hustled there plan together, including Cliff Barackman who I had also left a VM with on his cell.

4:30 p.m.- I called my son and ex-wife to join me quick for the next 2 hours in the area where Tracker said the prints were being casted and protected.

4:55 p.m.- Arrived on location along with Cliff and Tracker who were walking into the woods. I joined them along with my son and ex-wife in tow. I quickly grabbed my camcorder and started to roll film and we all headed down the ridge and out to the lake bed. As my camera was rested by my hip I filmed along with Cliff a very interesting line of impressions in the clay and sand. They were as Tracker said and yet seemed different then the other impressions from the night before. I continued to film the entire track fine in one shot. Upon looking at the actual tracks, not through the viewfinder I could see these impressions seemed a bit smaller and the toes did not seem the same. I was amazed along with everyone on sight. Tracker had poured plaster into 4 impressions and was letting them set. Chris Minnear was on his way with over 250 lbs of Hydrocal and needed some help back in Eugene in its delivery down to us. Cliff then left to help and I had to get back to work and my son and ex-wife went home for dinner. That left Tracker and his friend alone to watch over the area. By the end of the night over 65 impressions were casted and removed from the area.

6:30 p.m.-6:30 a.m. Friday Feb. 17th 2012

Between these hours I was working a late shift and then an extremely early shift by 6:00 a.m. on Friday. I was very anxious to get back on up to the area was told over the phone that Autumn Williams and family where there casting prints as well. I called Autumn and asked her to protect the area, but she was unable due to falling into the mud and feeling sick. I then called a few interested parties and asked them if they could head down to the area till I get off work to protect the area from onlookers and or random events, especially rainy weather. I also called Lee Trippet to see if he could help out. He said he would meet me in Cottage Grove along with the othere3 people who came along. I also during this time called Beth Heikkenin, Thom Powell and Guy Edwards to please come help me, and drop everything for the whole weekend. They all agreed and left from Washington state and Portland, Oregon asap.

3:30 p.m.- There was approx. eight people on scene trying to preserve the area which looked to have been unguarded by new dog prints and boot prints layed on top of what appeared to be Sasquatch impressions. I was emotionally angered by this and it took me a few moments to gather my composure. I grabbed as many tarps, plastic bags, and plaster to utilize as a protection against future damage. Onlookers began to arrive due to the rumors about the track find and I did all I could to subtract retelling of my last 2 days to them and specifically preserve the tracks. Meanwhile, above on the ridge a rumor started by a man I had never seen before who was about 5’2” tall. He told me that he has a friend that has got “HIM” on a critter cam. I said HIM? Then the as the rain started to show itself I listened to this guy tell me about his friends catching a Sasquatch on his nearby game cam and downloading it to his camera. I tried to send people to investigate this, but had to protect the tracks until other help arrived.

5:30 p.m. – I hurried back into the Cottage Grove area and had my mother pick up my son and meet with Guy, Thom and Beth. My son left with my family and the 3 others followed me back to the area.

6:30- 11:00 p.m.- The area of interest was still being looked over by Tracker who tried to help prevent the rain from deteriorating impressions still left. Throughout the evening we poured plaster and collected data on camera. During that time Max Roy showed up back in the location and introduced himself in person for the 1st time. We all visited and looked in awe at the area.

11:00 p.m. We used the last of the plaster and covered the tracks with plastic. We left for a nearby hotel and would be back at first light on Saturday to remove the plaster for further study.

Saturday Feb. 18th, 2012

6:00 a.m.- Thom, Guy, Beth and myself arrived together and started to roll camera as we removed the plaster impressions. While filming more onlookers came by and asked questions. We worked fast knowing that Thom and Guy had to leave back to Portland. We counted approx 26 impressions all together and divided them up into first come first serve basis. We also numbered the tracks in order from beginning of the first castable track, all the way to the last castable track.

9:30 -11:30 a.m. Thom and Guy left while Beth and I stayed behind. We took the last of the remaining tracks out of area and began to clean up the area. While cleaning up the area we both noticed some impressions near the track way that seemed at least worth mentioning. This would be a knuckle impression to the left of the footprints as they traveled horizontal to the water. We also noted a large dig hole near the last part of the final impression. No other information was gleamed or plaster casted.

Let me personally thank a few people loud and clear for standing by during the rain, wind, and plaster casting olympics!!!

Tracker, John Bull, Max Roy, nameless cowboy and Simka, Beth Heikkinen, Thom Powell, Cliff Barackman, John Clinton, Guy Edwards, Goofy, Jeff Meldrum, Chris Minnear, Justin, AC OF E, Autumn Williams, Robyn Margespice and co., Lee Trippett, David S., Dylan, The Locals- both types, Cassi Johnson, and my boy who confirmed the proof....Jude Johnson

The photo below and to the right is the original cast off the lake bed and is known by me as The London Track #1 off the lake bed. I thought my 11 inch boot would be more effective in showing the width as well as the 14 + in. length.




                                    original cast and photos from lake bed       




                                                     LONDON LINKS