Oregon Sasquatch Study

but who's studying who?

                          Sneaker Camp

                                     Woodland Lost and Found

The Sunday before Labor Day 2012 at around 1145am I got a cell call from the duo, will call em Pa and Jr. Pa was very emotional in his initial delivery on the phone, and indeed I was kind of clued into where he had been Squatch'n with Jr. For 3 days straight.

Pa went on to say they got into an area they had a hunch about. After finding a place to unload their truck, they set up camp and went for a hike as dusk approached.
Knowing very little about what Bigfoot preferred to eat from their modest garden selection, Pa and Jr. brought along some fresh Cherry Tomatoes to hang in a plastic bag. After they found a out of the way spot about 7 feet up in a Maple.
Pa suggested a walk around, to make sure the area was clear of other people and perhaps clear of anything dangerous..such as Black Bear and Cougars. They headed up an old over grown logging road.
They were immediately aware they were not alone when paralleled by mirrored footfall near the creek. They stopped, it stopped...they tip toed, it tip toed.
Un-nerved by the feeling of being followed...they headed back to start a fire and came to a dried out creek bed. There they sat for a bit and listened. A large rock was cannoned out of the dark where it exploded onto neighboring rocks between them both. The described the rock whizzing towards em and exploding on impact.
They made no mistake as to the danger of what happened. Pa carries a side arm, but could not discern the direction enough to aim...they headed back and where followed back.
Once at camp..they made a fire and where again privi to small rock tosses near them as they made a fire. As Pa and Jr. talked it out...they decided to hold there ground and listen an look. The two of them sat motionless trying to alleviate the tension by discussing the upcoming school year and Jr.s need for a new pair of sneakers.

But then....

Walking around them in a circle was a set of footprints in the dark now walking around them. Jr. was getting agitated and looking for a way to see what his Pa said most likely making the ruckus.
More rocks, more footsteps and then silence around the fire. Pa and Jr. looked around again, this time seeing something dash back into the brush.
Jr. who is 14, pushing 30(: started to lose his composure and became suddenly scared as hell and sick to his stomach. Pa, who was familiar with this feeling in the woods... packed quickly what he could and told Jr. to get in the car. Jr., being a brave son of a gun, I can vouch for this, was not ready to leave just quite yet and had few words with the source of rock throwing and footsteps..and perhaps the source of penetrating fear and illness. He yelled a challenge to them and then asked them how they liked rocks being lobbed at them. He threw some rocks and waited. Just as Pa was motioning for Jr. to get in the truck a hail of rocks came raining down near em. They were never hit...but the message was clear..WE WIN!
As they sped off..nearing 85 on the speedometer on crooked road...they both call me.
This was the story I heard.
As they are both talking to me on speaker phone...I hear the worry in Pa's voice and the irritation in Jr. I then hear Jr. say something very unusual.
" why do I taste tomatoes....I haven't eat'n any tomatoes... I am smoking a Cigarillo for crying out loud".

Pa went silent...I went silent...

After hearing Pa and Jr. retell the event....and transitioning nto Jr. and the confounding misplaced taste of tomatoes pushing through the strong aroma of a fresh smoked cigar...we are all a little on edge. As Pa was on the phone speeding back into town...I listen to him brake out of the plot line and ask his son "what tomatoes"?

Now not to go on too long about this whole "veggie tale"...Jr. explained the taste to be very strong and overwhelming. He also told me that he could almost feel the sensation of eating them right at that very moment.
He was confused, but mentioned that the only thing he could think of was the gift he has left hours before hanging in the forest.
A mystery was at foot....but the hour was merging into 1 am and I had to get some shut eye.
We hung up and decided to head back into the area asap.
About 12 hrs later I followed Pa and Jr back in. After getting into the area, Jr. and I thought it best to get out ahead f the truck and walk in. As we walked, I gave Jr. the room he needed to lead the way and perhaps show anyone around, he was facing his fears...head on. Again, this is not a timid young man.....he is from a family accustomed to the ways of the wild.
Upon walking...Jr. noticed near a natural spring that was running off into the dirt road... 1 of 2 tracks. We all loomed over it and decided it looked...well...small and human like.
I marked the area for casting and we drove up and parked.
I helped them get all their gear for the hopes of an overnight..and then went back and measures trackway.


Jr. and Pa wanted to walk on down to the hanging tomatoes and see of anything in 12 hrs had fed on any of the 60 or so they left in a tied up plastic bag.
As we got into the area.....we could see the bag had been opened and only about 10 little ones left in the corners. Some were smashed and squished in the forest floor. Something had made a fairly large impression in the area and stood under them and taken what they wanted and stepped in the ones that fell down.
We examined the area on our knees as looked for any prints, hairs...business cards!
No luck on the ground...but after bringing the bag up..we could see what looked to be clear finger impressions of someone pinching the plastic bag with 2 fingers and pulling apart the bag. No tears..no bites...pinching fingers!
We saved bag and collected our thoughts on who might be pranking nearby.
After 20 min. of photographing and casting...we decided to hang some dog food in the same spot. We sent Jr. back in..cause he had the most to prove...and because we were within less then a 60 yards from the area.
After about 10 min. Jr comes walking very briskly back into camp. " Why would there suddenly be sneakers in our gifting area"?                                                                         


Sneakers; like the ones talked about last night around the camp fire. 

  The sneaker were of a vintage quality Converse. Size 11, rough but wearable condition, baby blue with laces tied. We asked Jr. just where he had found those in the gifting area. We all walked over and looked at where he had found them. We had been on our hands and knees looking in that exact same spot not more than 20 min. earlier. If someone was playing a prank on us, they would have had to do so in broad day light and most likely cross the freezing 3 feet of freezing water from the river all to leave us a pair of beat up and dried up old sneakers. Why? I felt as though it was an invitation of sorts to Jr.. I asked him to wear them for the evening, even if they were a size or two larger than what he wore. He refused and stowed them in his bag for the evening. We built a fire and waited. The night was long and quiet.....w set out for a night hike....nothing....we came back....nothing. The next morning we awoke to a bad cup of coffee and broke camp. We pulled plaster print and left with our hanging bag of dog food. I came back to the area about 1 week later and checked the large plastic bag of dog food hanging in the tree. The bag for the most part was chewed on, but not really opened and eaten. I looked over the bag and studied the distinct differences between the bag that was pinched open and the one chewed and clawed at. I do not know if any of these moments or little shreds of evidence, but they are certainly more than anecdotal or circumstantial. Perhaps all unrelated and worse yet, maybe at the hands and feet of something much more familiar and human. If anything, it is just another wild night that adds up only to speculation over observation. It has kept me guessing.

So how did we hear about the area. Interestingly enough, it was suggested we check the area out after Bobo, from Finding Bigfoot, and friend Tyler B. had an interesting night in the same spot a month prior. 

The story goes that Bobo and Tyler had typical Sasquatch activity around them, but no sighting. That night after they went to bed, Bobo decided to leave his trademark necklace on his boots as a gift for his wooded visitors and zipped up his tent. The next morning when they both awoke, Tyler B. noticed that on his boots laid a necklace he had never seen before.


It was a totally different necklace then Bobo's. They had no idea who left them this little treasure, but you have to wonder.


Summer 2013.