Oregon Sasquatch Study

but who's studying who?


The forest surrounding Lane County is ripe with great locations. Whether you are interested in a light day hike or are more adventurous and seek the mystery of a night walk, the OSS offers all levels of interest. Our 9 years of field experience will set the tone for you or your party as we wander the trail less traveled.

Day Hike- A chance to see locations that offer the possibility of Sasquatch. While on location we can go over tracking signs that may offer us a clue about the wildlife in the area. 

Night Walk- After the Sun goes down, things come alive in the woods. You will be amazed at how beautiful the majestic forest are under the Oregon stars, and just how popular the woods are with the creatures of the night. This tour offers your best chance to interact with Sasquatch and get a feel for how they live. The OSS offers recording equipment and night vision to record your evening. The audio and video will be offered to you as part of the tour if you do not have your own equipment. As far as other tools of the trade, we do not believe that utilizing overbearing techniques such as call blasting or wood knocks offer you any better chance to experience the phenomena. We will attempt to have them come to us without us instigating. That seems to be the way!

Camp- Combing the two worlds of day and night require an overnight stay. This is usually accomplished "off the grid" in an area that seems fitting for the phenomena. You will be required to bring your own gear, food as well as vehicle. Depending on the circumstances there are occasions where the idea of an overnight out in the woods seems like your cup of tea and suddenly is not. Your ability leave on your own accord is a requirement.  Night vision and recording devices will be offered as well as a plaster casting tutorial for Sasquatch impressions. 

We do not charge for any of these retreats but rather except cash donations and or trades. It is our experience there is no financial reward where greed and mystery meet.