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The other OZ

Sometimes you meet people in your WALK, whatever and whoever that may be right now for you. These are individuals that you just have to except for their “potential”. Privately this person of potential in my case, that you really want the best for, represents “only potential” and in fact is secretly considered by you as a gullible fool. This happens all the time I suppose and we settle for companionship rather than relational fellowship. The person and friend in my case, I was actually warned to keep away from. The BOX OF CRAZY, or B.O.C, as she lovingly calls herself, I first got to know via a radio interview she did in 2009. As I listened to her speak, I heard the conviction in her voice, but once again was told by others to not take her stories any more serious then attention starved tales. Well, that is exactly where I left it. I would begin to strike up a email friendship largely based on sarcastic humor, faith and as a sister in Christ and we would talk about the world that was unfolding before her eyes. A world that I saw at the time as too far out of the BOX and if I am being frank….flipp’n nutty!

We would talk about going hiking together or praying over certain things, but overall the distance between us actually meeting up where confined to symposiums and round-ups in mixed company. Still, being her ear for the bizarre tales of spiritual gifts, revelations and strange things in the woods, our conversation grew into a heartfelt honest discussion of truth vs. fiction and reality vs. craziness. Without going into the depth of phenomena she described to me, I was utterly sure she was experiencing the desire to see things that should not be, rather than actually experiencing the impossible. Least among this whole thing was Bigfoot.

Monday Sept. 12th 2011 11:05 p.m. Mckenzie River Valley, OR.

Recently within the last 4 months I had been led to a series of 3 families that do not know one another. I don’t know if coincidence played a part in my meeting of these people or if something more purpose filled or created was at work. In fact I don’t think that my introductory phase into meeting all the families is totally done. I will say that the puzzle pieces have fit nicely together so far and each on these families led me to a beautiful mountain on a star filled full moon night.

During the months leading up to the event in which I will describe, I was incredibly excited to be invited along for this new adventure in the wild. Interesting things would take place during my time in the forest and could not be easily explained. However, because I never actually saw with my own eyes the mystery take place…I was not even an anecdotal observer. As compelling as it was individually it was not enough for me to see a world outside of any BOX. My pursuit to see something, anything outside of the BOX was addictive and perhaps even overkill. I had to know, not believe in the otherworldly. I could hardly stand it. It seemed only happen to other people and when it did, they seemed scared or stale about the details. Jude, my son, was being hauled along up game trails morning, noon and night. Something had to give soon or I was out of money and out of patience. Thank the Lord I stayed one more night in the woods looking.

At the area of wooded interest there was a bluff that looked out over the Mckenzie Valley and the beginnings of the Cascade Mountain range. It was an area that seemed to invite postcard type beauty. Only visiting 3 times prior to the 12th of September I was not utterly sold on this spot being of any special or unique importance. I still don’t know. All I know is that by forces outside of my own making, I was hiking into the spot with the B.O.C. herself. I had never actually done a night hike or overnight with a fellow Christian, let alone a female Christian. We get along like siblings and it is very easy going friendship that relies heavily on seeing just who can jibe the other one harder. Indeed, she is a real hoot and admitted kook like me. As we struggled to find our way into the location before the sun raced west and set, the hike became increasingly brushy and very steep. I felt responsible for the worthiness of our hike and wanted her to see it all before it was masked in the night air. We couldn’t build a fire when we got there and there is no marked trail to its location, you really just have to feel your way along and use your instinct for cutoffs and windblown bent trees.

The full moon guided us like a lighthouse once we got out of the thickest of areas and soon we were all alone among the Doug Firs on hundreds of acres of dense private property. There is only one house that can access the area we were in and that residence is owned by a little old lady with ailing health issues.

After initially slinging our heavy packs and laying flat on our backs in the field, I soon got my 3rd or 4th wind and put our tents together. Once that happened, B.O.C. and I discussed the shadows we could make out of our own bodies due to the bright moon that was fully viewable. No flashlights, cameras and tape recorders were brought up and were left in the car 1.5 miles below the spot. As we ventured out for a night hike I mentioned the ridge above us that looked out over our spot and miles of unseen wilderness. We decided by 9:30 p.m. that it would be good time to move into that area before the morning hour approached with the relentless mountain fog.

We headed up, all the while talking about the power of God’s creative touch to nature and people we felt compelled to pray over. We spoke about the strange and beautiful world of the forest and our love of the mountains. In particular and chief among these loves, the mountain night hike. We headed on up to the edge of a clear cut that knowingly offered an amazing view. It was all there for the taking visually. It was like buying the best seats in the house at a stadium and waiting for the show to start.

After about 30 min. or so of resting over a fallen log and half sleeping and waking, due to the peaceful sound of crickets and the very physical hike in; B.O.C. said something sarcastic which kicked into gear my weary synapses for a much needed retort. It was upon my fully awaking that below us about at an estimated 120 yards or less, a light opened up in front of the very visible tree line. Now when I say light opened up, I mean as though a star had been obstructed from the inside out and immediately tore open the seams of darkness in a fraction of less than 1.5 seconds. The light burst open from the crystal white core and radiated outward in a fragmented shot. The nature in which it did this, mind you very quickly, was organic in nature. It is difficult to describe in terms of comparing to something Earthly, but this was anything but Earthly. The celestial pure light awoke and folded in from a pin prick in the dark to a living light of about an estimated 10-15 feet in circumference. I could well be underestimating that measurement, but since it happened in less than 2 sec. I will go with a less spectacular guesstimate. It had modes or stages to its appearance. I recall seeing 3 specific parts to its nature.

1.      The pin prick of light in the dark=.02sec

2.      The white core at about an estimated 5 feet in circ.=.06sec

3.      The energy burst of white rays 10-15 feet in circ=1.2sec

4.      darkness

The light was as I said pure white. It should have blinded the viewer, but it did not. It was the light that didn’t blind. The light was not harsh at all, yet it illuminated the forest much more then the full moon was capable of. It was so bright that had it been 12 noon my guess is that it would have been just as obvious. It was utterly beautiful and made no noise or gave no warning. There was nothing leading up to it and there was no explanation for it appearance and exit. It came alive at about 40 feet up in front of a grove of old re-prod. The light was close enough that I could have reached it in 30 seconds or less had there been a direct trail to it, but as it was, there was only the game trail way around the bend. The light surprised me to say the least and I think I let out a gasp and cry for B.O.C to please tell me she saw what I just saw. In hind sight, the only way she could have missed it, is if she had been knocked unconscious. Her response to me caught me off guard. Not that I was able to predict anything at that moment, but I expected the B.O.C. to go a little crazy with me. You know what she said? She said in a very peaceful and monotone countenance, “yes I saw it Toby, welcome to my world”. I was totally floored. How could this all be possible? What did she mean, and how dare she not lose it with me. It was irritating and soothing all it once and she was not a B.O.C., she was Beth who had been telling the whole truth the whole time. This was no surprise to her, at least not in the beginning.

As we paced the perimeter gazing down into the tree grove I questioned and argued with myself whether or not it was all real. I to be honest actually remember trying to awake myself out of dream, but if it was a dream I did not want to leave it. I just wanted to be certain I knew the truth. I was awake, and fully aware of reality and time.

Now within a span of about 10 min. or less I began to have burning questions over the whole thing; doubt, zeal, confusion, disorientation, passion and peace all flooded into my bloodstream. Tempted by possibility that there was an intellect behind this seemingly living and organic light, I got on one knee as if to propose and said Oh Lord please…I know you don’t want to be mocked, but I beg you to please show me that light again! Flash---even bigger now and to the left of the tree it was previous in. Possibly at about 10 feet lower the other light but brighter. We erupted in applause and threw a party in the middle of the moon light. The secondary light was possibly a tad bid longer in length, but I cannot be sure. It did however have the 3 modes or stages to its creation. There again, no blinding flash but a white force that reminded me at looking at soft silk with brilliant capacity. As I said, it is very hard to explain to the human and Earthly eye. I will have to say that even Beth was caught off guard about the responsive nature of the secondary light. My gut tells me it was the same light source in a different posture and position. There was no real discernible difference except the size, position and length. However it pointed out to the natural state of the phenomena. A flash from a camera displays a much smaller and predictable blinding effect. This light behaved on whole new level. Trust me, I was going through all the possibilities of extremely bored and lost papparazi in the forgotten trees or utterly poorly hung game cams.

Well the last thing I was expecting was for it to keep happening, a 3rd and a 4th time. All in front of us in the grove and positioning itself to the left each time and lower. I don’t recall the size/length differing too much from the 2nd time and will settle for it in my recollection as being very much the same.

We stayed up and watched for signs of a possible 5th or 6th interaction with light. The wet air started to move in over the hillside and retire our ability to stay the night without proper coats or blankets. I really regret us not staying and if I had to do all over again, I would have tried to stay. We traveled back down the accessible game trail we came in on. The woods were very quiet still. Beth followed as I showed her the turn off we needed to hike into to get back to the exact area. We looked within, through, around, up, down and everywhere for an answer. After a thorough snoop, we decided we would go back to camp and basically passed out 20 minutes after arrival. Nothing took place after that.

When I awoke around 5:30 a.m., I unzipped my tent and crawled out to find a think bank of fog had layered the mountain and forest. Beth heard me unsettle and soon made her way out to break camp and go back up to the area the light had appeared. This would be our 3rd and final trip into the area before leaving down to the car for breakfast. Once again there were no signs of trickery or mistaken identity. Well, I mean I cannot really identify the light ever for certain, nor can Beth. But what I can say is the area the phenomena happened did not house a conducive environment for climbing sparse rotting limbs and hanging anymore then a wind chime. It was decided that morning that what we saw was unexplainable in Earthly terms.

In the coming days after events unfolded as to the spiritual world always around us. These were things very dark in nature and very real. I cannot fully go into it, but in time I feel as though the path is being paved and my discernment is being honed.

Now what?

Well I go on living and learning like us all. However, because of what I KNOW now about the spiritual realm and its access to us and our access to it, I cannot keep quiet about my message to you. I am not asking you to believe me for a second. The point of telling you is to widen the message away from crypto zoology’s creation and talk about the Creator. I have taken the “RED PILL” and I cannot return.