Oregon Sasquatch Study

but who's studying who?




Aside from his professional life, Cliff has been doing Sasquatch field research for more than 15 years. He uses various technologies in an effort to gather evidence, but has extensive experience with night vision and thermal imaging viewers, digital sound recorders, and various remote camera devices. Additionally, he has managed to gather one of the largest collections of footprint casts on the west coast. Cliff's media appearances include Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the History Channel's MonsterQuest, numerous podcast radio shows, and as a guest Bigfoot “expert” on several local news channels from the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA markets.


                            BETH HEIKKINEN


Beth Heikkinen is an independent researcher living in the Pacific NW. Beth's first daytime sighting happened 50 miles from her home. Since that time, and with the help of wonderful people, her background now includes tacking, backpacking and hiking.





              THOM POWELL

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Thom authored a book about Sasquatch research entitled "The Locals" which was described by reviewer Lisa Kearns as, "a brilliant combination of science and storytelling". His was the first book to suggest many fairly radical ideas that have since been endorsed by many contemporary researchers, such as habituation, infrasound, paranormal elements, human levels of intelligence in the Sasquatch, awareness of cameras, and much more.

Currently Thom is finishing his novel titled Shady Neighbors. A fictional account of the Oregon Sasquatch phenomena told from the familiar point of view of a middle school science teacher that is thrust into a hairy mystery.




Henry is the Tribal Data Steward for the Columbia River Inter Tribal Fish Commission. He is also the Project Manager for the Tribal Data Network, building a cooperative monitoring system for the four member tribes he works for: The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation of Oregon, the Confederated Tribes of the Yakama Indian Nation, and the Nez Perce Tribe.Henry has also worked for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission at the Fish Passage Center for ten years as Data Center Manager monitoring salmonids in the Columbia Basin.


He was a member of the Board of Advisors for Peter Byrne's Bigfoot Research Project from 1993-1996, and a member of the research board for the North American Science Institute from 1996-1998, where he helped Jeff Glickman write his paper "Towards a Resolution of the Bigfoot Phenomenon".

 Henry made the very first Bigfoot websites on the Internet and also helped many currently notable footers build their websites/databases and moderated the first Bigfoot newsgroup and the first Bigfoot email discussion group...to which Henry is stated as saying, "I apologize for that, please forgive me."



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Dr Matthew A Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Grants Pass, Oregon. He wrote a book, "Positive Parenting with a Plan" and has been speaking in 80 cities per year all over the USA, Canada, and Europe. Since 2001, he has trained over 50,000 professionals and over 10,000 parents.

On July 1, 2000, Dr Johnson and his family ran into a Sasquatch about one mile up the mountain from the Oregon Caves National Monument Park. Since their encounter, Dr Johnson has led numerous research expeditions surrounding the Oregon Caves as well as near Grants Pass, Oregon. His encounter and subsequent research expeditions have helped him to become a sensitive listener to others who've had encounters and need someone to talk to. Dr. Johnson also works through the issue of PTSD with  the witness, a process he deeply understands.


                               RON MOREHEAD 

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Ron Morehead is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, private pilot, musician, developer of a local hospitality industry, and  researcher. He is best known for his audio evidence of indistinguishable vocalization, known as The Sierra Sounds. The Sierra Sounds Volume #1 "Bigfoot Recordings" is a selection of audio clips captured by Morehead, that reveal very clear Bigfoot vocalizations captured on a crisp night at a remote wilderness camp. The efforts to have these vocalization studied and authenticated started in 1978. The year long study by a Professor Kirlin states that these creatures have a vocal capability that exceeds the human vocal range. More recently, in 2008, another yearlong study was made by a crypto-linguistic team headed by R. Scott Nelson, and a complex language was discovered



Former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, Oregon Policeman. Jeff has since worked the last  30 years practicing law. His full story was aired on the SYFI's networks Paranormal Witness.







Through his work in the field of physical anthropology and his specialization in foot mechanics, Meldrum has studied the implications for bipedal adaptation and locomotion in early hominids. He has also participated in palaeontological field projects to South America, collecting new fossil primate specimens from the Miocene of Columbia and Argentina.

Meldrum is best known for his open-minded yet scientific approach to the bigfoot phenomenon. Because he grew up in the Pacific NW, Meldrum was no stranger to the subject, having heard sasquatch stories from an early age. His interest in the legendary creature took a back burner as he continued his formal education and teaching until 1996, when he found and cast a series of fresh sasquatch prints in Washington and, the following year, northern California. Meldrum has since gathered and purchased collections of purported track casts as part of his research into sasquatch foot anatomy, and his lab now houses what may be the world's most extensive collection of sasquatch track casts. Meldrum is widely considered the leading expert on sasquatch footprints as well as the derived morphology and functional anatomy of the foot.




Trippett, an electronics engineer, designed the scientific-demonstration toy as an assignment for a class at the UO while earning his certificate to teach physics in the early 1960s. The basic principle for illustrating Newton's Third Law of Motion — for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — had been around for years in various and bulky formats, but it was Trippett, who at 31, worked it out mathematically and created the first portable unit.

Trippett overheard words that would change his life while spending a memorable afternoon exploring the paranormal at the home of writer Ivan T. Sanderson.

Sanderson let slip that Texas multi-millionaire Tom Slick was offering up to a million dollars for the first authentic photograph, dead or alive, of Bigfoot. Appealing to Trippett's scientific mind and economic sensibilities, the thrill of hunting Bigfoot became his passion in life.




Esther Stutzman is a Native American storyteller, a role that was passed through the generations of her family. She learned stories from her grandmother who was over 100 when she died. Her family was very traditional, and kept the knowledge of the old ways.






Bob Gimlin was with Roger Patterson when Patterson filmed the well known Patterson/Gimlin footage in Bluff Creek CA, in 1967. The film shows a large, hairy, female primate walking upright on two feet, and is unquestionably the best known footage of a Sasquatch ever obtained. It's interesting to note that although many dispute the film's authenticity, it has never been proven to be a fake in the years since it was filmed.





Retired from the U.S. Navy as a Crypto-Linguist with over 30 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics, including the collection, transcription, analysis and reporting of voice communications.

He is a two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Cryptologic Voice Transcription School (Russian and Spanish) and has logged thousands of hours of voice transcription in his target languages as well as in Persian.  He is currently teaching Russian, Spanish, Persian, Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Wentworth College in Missouri.

“We have verified that these creatures use language by the human definition of it.     The months of hard work that we have put into the study of the Berry/Morehead tapes is finally coming to fruition.  The analysis is finished, although I am still working on parts of the final write-up such as frequency count tables, morpheme lists, etc.”

“I believe that the study of these tapes will never (and should never) end.  With the recognition and acceptance that these creatures do indeed speak and understand a complex language, a greater effort will be made to collect voice recordings and our analysis of the language will improve.   Now that we have a precedent and techniques established for this study, this   process will certainly become easier.”






Kathy Moskowitz Strain is the Heritage Resource and Tribal Relations Programs Manager for the Stanislaus National Forest in Sonora, California. She is responsible for all archaeological, historical, and tribal resources on her Forest. Kathy is the author of "Giants, Cannibals, & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture." She is considered to be an authority on the subject of the Hairy Man pictographs and traditional bigfoot beliefs in native cultures. Kathy is a frequent speaker at bigfoot-related events, including the 2003 Inernational Bigfoot Symposium She also has made numerous television appearances, including "Giganto: The Real King Kong," the "Bigfoot" episode of Monsterquest; the "Russia's Killer Apemen" episode of Monsterquest; the "Legend of Hairy Beast" episode of Monsterquest; "Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide"; and in documentaries for the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Institute of Texan Cultures and Black Star Beer. Kathy is also a frequent guest on radio shows, including an appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett.




As a child Autumn Williams saw two hair-covered creatures standing in woods behind her home in Washington State. Since then she has spend her entire life seeking to understand why those non-human eyes held such an expression of human like intelligence. 

Autumn is the creator of oregonbigfoot.com host of Mysterious Encounters and author of Enoch.







Sali Sheppard-Wolford is the author of Valley of The Skookum and mother to Autumn Williams. Her powerful eye-witness account chronicles the details of living beside a family group of Sasquatch's. 

"Four years of encounters with a group of Bigfoot in Orting, Washington. Investigations of Bigfoot and other strange phenomena in the area. In addition to the Bigfoot encounters, Sheppard-Wolford describes her spirit journeys with the Indian guide, Dream Walker, and investigations of other strange phenomena near Orting, including an old UFO crash where the old newspapers reporting the crash have mysteriously disappeared and spirit lights that appeared on the ridge above the river."




David Rodriguez is a 52 yr old Oregon resident who has had a number of encounters with Sasquatch over the last 32 years of his life. Dave is self employed and has taken on a variety of community projects over the decades. He is also an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

His first visual encounter of a Sasquatch occurred in 1977 in Yosemite National Park where he and his then roommate almost ran into one late at night while it was crossing the road in front of his vehicle. His most recent "major" encounter was while deer hunting in the Cascades 5 yrs ago late one afternoon, when a Sasquatch came crashing through the timber to cut him off. He and his German Shepherd then had to approach the "individual" within a distance of 22' in order to pass. Dave calmly spoke to the "individual" even though he admits to never being so scared in his life. Despite having numerous other encounters, and more than once with rifle in hand, Dave has long avoided getting involved in the research end of the field until 3 years ago. After twice being within 25' of a Sasquatch, Dave now takes his visual and non visual encounters in stride. He looks forward to his growing ability to stay calm during what are still rare but amazing encounters with this mysterious species.