Oregon Sasquatch Study

but who's studying who?



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Tribal Relations Programs Manager Kathy Strain discusses early Native depictions of Hairy Man and how the stories have survived to present day.

Long-term witness Sali Sheppard-Wolford shares stories from her book, Valley of
the Skookum.

Kalapuya Elder Esther Stutzman breaks the silence and shares tribal knowledge about Sasquatch... and a powerful message.


Ron Morehead presents the Sierra Sounds and discusses his experiences with
Sasquatch vocalizations at their camp in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

For the first time, Dave Rodriguez recounts his multiple sightings and gives a fascinating presentation on the role of snow on tree break evidence.


Cryptolinguist R. Scott Nelson discusses his studies of the Sierra Sounds, offering a detailed, unique look at purported Sasquatch vocalizations using live transcription software.
Nelson also presents his paper on a proposed Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet.


Researcher Cliff Barackman gives a detailed presentation on the Silver Star
Mountain photographs, including measurements and comparison photos.

Present during the filming of the now famous 1967 Bluff Creek Sasquatch, Bob Gimlin relives that day and the events surrounding it as only he can.

DVD bonus footage includes: Audience Q&A session with OSS speakers Live music performances by Lenny Green Footage from the OSS 2010 kick-off party

Storytelling by Sandy Jensen